Who We Are


Thanks for your interest in ArmChair Sports Advisors(ACS). We were also victims of the scamdicappers out there years ago and that is part of the reason we wanted to take our picks public with our service. Our service is everything that those scamdicappers are NOT! If you give me 2 minutes of your time I'll explain.

How many times have you purchased a package for a period of time (days, weeks etc) and lost both the plays and the sign up fee? Not only are you out what you lost on the losing plays you are also out the money spent for the losing plays. So what's next, the scamdicapper either expects you to sign up again for the "big play tonight" where you will not only pay more for the play but win double your money back. If your hesitant then they apply the hard-sell and harrassment.  Am I right, of course its old, tired and total BS!!

We don't have a sales staff, we don't hard sell and we don't BS about big plays and information. We do sell subscription packages based on units of profit. ACS is known for its trademark Profit Guarantee and for having the fairest and friendliest Profit Unit subscription packages of any sports service out there. When you sign up with us for a + Profit Unit package (2-10) you will receive our premium plays until we win you the Profit Units purchased, which could be one day or several days depnding on the units purchased and the success of our plays. Take a second to think about the integrity of a service that literally places the success and reputation of it's plays in the hands of the success and reputation of it's business. We are like no other service out there. Why? Because we are the fairest to it's clients of ANY service in this indusrty! Plain and Simple.  


Armchair Sports Advisors (ACS) is a newly formed organization comprised of experts and insiders located throughout North America’s major metropolitan cities. For the past 23 years we have built a trustworthy network throughout the industry and have partnered with those on both sides of the window. We have forged close personal relationships with those located within or near all major sports markets in order to keep our information virtually up to the minute. Our geographic presence and information reach includes Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego and of course Reno and Las Vegas. Our main offices are located in the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada.