Welcome to Armchair Sports Advisors!!

MLB Capper has returned from 2012 where he contributed to our Amazing 16 straight winning weeks.


3 Unit Plays 18-5 the Last 3 years!

2.5 Unit Plays 27-14 the Last 3 years!

What sets us apart from the rest, we sell PROFIT not picks. Armchair Sports Advisor clients buy Packages and NEVER pay again unless we win for you. Yes, of course we profit from our picks but when you sign up with us we Guarantee Profit / Winners. We stand by our picks and our product.

Take a look around here, do you see banner ads and advertising clutter on our webpage? Do you see advertisements from sportsbooks, so called professional handicappers, monitoring services and etc? Now compare that to what you see on the websites of other handicappers. They don't compare, they make their money on gimmicks and advertising, we make our money by delivering on promises of consistent winning and unmatched customer service. How? Simply put... WE WIN. We win at a 62% rate in college hoops, a 63% rate in college football and we won 15 straight weeks in MLB baseball last season. We don't need gimmicks and we don't need advertising clutter, our group has been beating those same sportsbooks you see on other websites for 14 straight years. Sign up and start winning today!



Full handicapping service for our clients. What's that mean? We give our winning selections to help you profit on sports. We also give you insights and long earned expertise not only from the players perspective but the perspective of the book. Our insights, expertise and strategies will add up and result in bigger bankrolls. Why not give yourself every edge/angle out there to increase your profit. Afterall, money won is twice as sweet as money earned.